This Christmas, Don’t Give Gifts; Make Memories

make memoriesI’m all about giving gifts and sharing with people; so I naturally love the holidays. There’s nothing quite as much fun as finding the perfect gift for someone special.

But, as I grow older, I’ve noticed a shift in my gift-giving attitude. I’m finding it’s more fun to give “experiences” than “gifts.” Instead of handing over a nicely wrapped trinket that my friends or family will put aside and forget in 3 days (you know you’ve done it, don’t try and act like you haven’t), I’m finding I’d rather do something special with them. Perhaps treat them to their favorite activity or lunch at their favorite restaurant.

We don’t make a lot of time for other people at this time of year. Sure, we go to holiday parties and drop off plates of cookies to neighbors. But, how much quality time do you really get to spend with those you love?

Give the Gift of Time this Holiday Season

A friend of mine was telling me about a few of the “experience” gifts she’s giving this year include taking her daughters to their favorite concert and making a weekend trip to the city out of it and taking her dad to a hockey game.

It got me thinking about other options for non-traditional gift-giving. Here are a few ideas for “experiences:”

  • sporting event tickets
  • concert tickets
  • lunch/dinner out at a favorite restaurant
  • mother/daughter shopping trip/weekend away
  • ice skating
  • trips (vary from small to large)
  • participating in their favorite activity (golf, movies, etc)
  • dinner tours
  • guided city tours
  • wine tasting
  • cooking class
  • go snow-shoeing

The list goes on and on. While it’s fun to give a gift of a cooking class to your sister, think of how much fun it would be if you both did it together? You’d probably get to spend more time with that person than you would with any other gift.

The key is to make memories. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be memorable.



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