The 10 Stages of Counting Down to Moving Day Illustrated in GIFs


Without further ado, meet the military moving process complete with animated GIFs.

Purging. Packing. Praying. These are the 3 Ps of PCSing. As I sit here silently weeping about the amount of crap we’ve amassed over the past 10+ years of my spouse’s Air Force career while staring down the barrel of our next PCS (and yes it’s very much an “I” moment as I handle this PCS with 2 children, 2 businesses, 1 very confused dog, and 0 spouse due to a “short tour”), I’m desperately seeking the humor behind the moving madness that happens with every single military move.

And despite the fact that I should be organizing or cleaning or purging something, I decided I’d much rather put the PCS moving processes to GIFs, because words won’t suffice alone and I’m too embarrassed to put my emotions to interpretive dance.

Without further ado, meet the military moving process complete with animated GIFs.

The 10 Phases of Counting Down to PCS Moving Day

1. Declare to see the actual PCS orders on paper.
You’re in denial and refuse to acknowledge anything until you see it on paper. And even then, you’re skeptical.


2. Plan a bucket list to see/try/visit everything within a 50-mile radius
…because you thought you had SO much time to do it all.


3. Feel an overwhelming urge to purge
and consider adapting a minimalist lifestyle with the next PCS.


4. Plan a yard sale to end all yard sales.
Because your treasures are worth their weight in gold, right?


5. Decide real yard sales are stupid and post photos to the virtual yard sale Facebook group.
And then the haggling begins, “What do you mean you won’t take a quarter for your gently used treadmill?”


6. Realize all yard sales are stupid and opt to throw away ALL. THE. CRAP.


7. Accidentally get rid of stuff you might actually need.
What do you mean I sold my washer?


8. The moving truck arrives.
Bring it on.


9. Pray that your offerings of pizza and soda are enough to keep your household goods from being smashed and scratched to smithereens.


10. Feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders as the truck is sealed and drives away.



  1. Adri , you made me laugh and remember all our PCS. I love that you try to add humor and succeed. Right ?? 🙂

  2. I’m a bit concerned. I’m only in stage 2 and we PCS next month to Japan. Is that bad? Should I have moved through the stages quicker than that?

    Great article!!

  3. You are clearly in my head and taking notes! This is exactly my process every PCS move.

  4. 11. Hedge bets about which piece(s) of furniture, appliances, kitchen items, furniture, musical instruments, power tools, and furniture will be destroyed and/or stolen upon arrival at new home – none of which you will be reimbursed for due to various loopholes in the moving company’s contract with the DoD.


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