Ridin’ Solo (Or Moving Solo): How To PCS When Your Spouse Is Away


Moving Solo

One thing you may have to do as a military spouse is move by yourself. And if you have PCS’d before you know moving with the military can be quite the task. And when you’re not the service member it can be even harder. Here are some tips to get prepared for a solo move.

Do check out our other guides for moving for even more tips! (Basic PCS tips, our moving checklist, and how to bubble wrap your career).

7 Ways To Make Your Solo PCS A Breeze

1. Make sure your POA is up to date and correct.

You should do this before every long separation. But especially if you think there is a chance you could come down on orders or you could be offered a different home on post or if you want to move out of your current place, and are just waiting for the right home, because the right home will always become available when it’s inconvenient.

2. Take help when it’s offered.

You don’t have anything to prove. You aren’t less of a powerhouse because you needed help with the kids or moving huge furniture.

3. Make a list, and check it twice.

Moving in my family is always a team effort, so when I did it on my own there were some things I forgot to do, but could have totally avoided if I had made a list. They were things I knew needed to be done, but Boris usually took care of them for us (like for some reason he has always been the address changer).

4. If you are moving yourself (sometimes called a DITY move), shop around for moving companies, moving trucks, and people to help you move.

See what option will be best for your budget.

5. Use this opportunity to get rid of things your spouse is hoarding that drive you crazy, when you think about dragging them around from place to place.

Really, does he need that book on using Windows 98? Don’t forget to go through your own stuff too.

6. Relax.

We all know that if something can go wrong it usually will.  Breathe.   It’s Murphy’s Law. It won’t be the end of the world. Go with the flow.  It always magically works out in the end.

7. Get a second set of eyes.

When the movers come, it’s hard to keep track of all the activity.  Make sure you have a trusted friend who can help you keep an eye on all the packing.

And whatever you do…do not move your piano across town while playing it, like Vanessa Carlton.

Have you ever handled a PCS alone?  How did it go?  What are your best tips for success?


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