NextGen MilSpouse’s Top 10 Posts From Our First Year

Year in Review


NextGen MilSpouse is one year old!  Here’s our top 10 most read posts from 2013 in no particular order…

1. Military Spouse Secrets Revealed– Don’t tell anyone we might look forward to our spouse’s TDY and use it as an excuse to buy that new rug he claimed to hate!

2. Dear Pentagon, 1960 Called and Wants It’s Military Family Readiness Policy Back– We called on you, our fellow military spouses, to make sure the Military Family Readiness Council knows what our community needs.

3. I Am Not My Spouse’s Rank– This post covered rank wearing, one of the most taboo subjects in the military spouse community. This is a story from a wife who was stereotyped because of her husband’s rank.

4. Don’t Tell Me I’m Not A Mom– Our contributor Kara is the mother of a still born angel and May 2013 was her first Mother’s Day.  Kara shared that even though her baby was not here she and every other mom out there who sent a child to heaven at any age is a mother, too.  We are happy to report that 2013 brought Kara the birth of her second daughter!  She’s currently taking a month break from NextGen to spend time with her newest edition while mid-PCS.  Good luck, Kara!

5. Is There Truth Behind the Dependapotamus Myth?– This is the post that will not die. The dependapotamus is a long standing military spouse myth, which we believe is harmful to spouses.

6. When Home Based Businesses Attack– You know when you make a new friend and she just wants to invite you to her Pampered Scentsy Kay Party? But you really don’t want that kind of friendship? This post is for you.

7. The 12 Days of Christmas NextGen MilSpouse Style!– What did the military give you this year?

8. Dear MilSo On The iPhone– We aren’t judging you. We get it. We know your phone is sometimes your lifeline.

9. Things Every Military Spouse Should Know– We are all new to this life at some point, so we made you a cheat sheet with some of  the most important information.

10. Ketchup Gate 2013– When multiple types of ketchup at the commissary ignites a massive media frenzy suggesting that the military community lives an extremely lavish lifestyle. Ooh la la, Heinz and Hunt’s ketchup? Ballin’.


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