Military Spouse Careers: Put Telecommuting In Your Career Options Toolkit

Home Office Military SpouseThe New Year brought a lot of exciting changes in my life. I survived my first PCS with my husband. We began our married life together after an unaccompanied yearlong tour. And finally, I started a new career journey!

I left a full-time salaried job in New York City. What made it more difficult is that I absolutely loved my job. I was a Publicity Coordinator for a boutique Public Relations firm. It was my first official job after graduating from college. I moved up in the ranks from being an Assistant and if I never met my husband, I’m pretty confident that I would have continued to move up in the company.

I loved interacting with my colleagues and our clients – it was pretty apparent that I enjoyed my work because I excelled at my job.

When I told them that I would eventually be leaving New York City because of my husband, it came as a shock.My former boss didn’t know how to respond, so I brought to her attention the idea of telecommuting.

[quote]Despite my valiant effort, she wanted my position filled by someone who would be able to come into the office every day.[/quote]

That’s when I began to explore the idea of freelancing and working from home.

Being able to make my own schedule and work on my own terms was very attractive to me. Although the Washington D.C. area had lots of great PR opportunities, I didn’t know how long we would eventually be here and what if the same thing happens? Also, my former boss did express the idea of using my expertise when the budget allotted.

I’ve encountered some working from home naysayers. Mostly, the argument is “how do you remain productive?” Dammit, we’re military spouses and we’re experts of adapting! I’ve taken this opportunity to be more productive than ever. Because I have everything scheduled out the way I want it, I’m able to get more accomplished and work more on my personal career development.

Working from home, for me at least, has opened doors that I never knew existed and has made me confident in my career path. It’s allowed me to truly evaluate what I want for myself and what is possible. When you put your mind to it, anything is possible! Right?!

I guess what I really want to say is when you embrace your circumstance, you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of! Yes, it’s proved to be a challenge, but I’ve learned so much about myself because of my decision. I’m excited to add more career experiences here at Fort Belvoir and beyond! My motto in life is now: “You got this!”

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