Let’s Rally Behind Fellow MilSpouse Patricia Millett and #ConfirmPattie Today!


When you think military spouse, we’re pretty sure that black belt and Supreme Court litigator aren’t necessarily the first two things that come to mind.  That’s until you meet Patricia Millett (Read MSJDN’s 5 Reasons to Support Military Spouses).  She’s been nominated for one of three vacant spots on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, frequently referred to as the second highest court in the land.

Did you know…the D.C. Circuit is the most important civilian court for the military and military families. It has jurisdiction and hears cases concerning the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration, as well as countless other matters implicating the military, national security, and defense.

Her accolades have landed her the endorsements of seven past Solicitor Generals (the government’s lawyer in Supreme Court cases), both Republican and Democrat, as well as a litany of military leaders. Remarkable among her support is its bipartisan nature — her admirers come from both sides of the aisle.

But Pattie’s nomination has been delayed thanks to our newest congressional 4-letter words “sequestration” and “shutdown”.  She was nominated in June and was approved by the Judiciary Committee in August. Just one more vote awaits, from the full Senate — but partisan objections are delaying this vote.

This is where YOU come in.

Pattie needs military spouses to help her  in her journey to the federal bench.  No one knows better than us how difficult it is to keep a career going amidst the constant flux of our military lifestyle.  Pattie not only managed to keep her career on track, she’s managed to make it to the top of her field.

Call your senator and tell them that supporting Patricia Millett’s nomination sends a strong signal of the Senate’s continued support for our military families.

Not sure how to put it?  We’ve got you covered:

Hi, my  name is <your name here>, I am a military spouse and I am calling to encourage <insert your Senator’s name here> to support Patricia Millett’s nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  By supporting her nomination, not only are you supporting my fellow military spouse, you’re supporting military families.  Thank you!

So let’s make it happen! Call/Write/Tweet today, and let’s #ConfirmPattie!


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