In the Know: Military Community News & Updates August 2015


August Military Community News

It’s time to put on your “I Survived Summer 2015” T-shirt…

…because back-to-school is back! The Department of Defense and Sesame Street teamed up to make sure military families are aware of all the resources and information you need to start the new school year off right! From library and homeschooling resources to support for children with special needs, you can find it all on the article Back-to-School Tools for Military Families.

It’s not just a song and a dance…well, it kind of is a song and a dance:

That Moment When Your Kid Asks You for Homework Help and Your Only Answer Is a Blank Stare

Did you know offers free 24/7 academic tutoring at no cost to K-12 children with a parent serving in the U.S. military-whether active duty or traditional drilling National Guard or Reserve…WOOT!

Stranger Danger Is Real

Did you hear about the military spouse who was approached in her driveway by several suspicious men curious about her husband? The FBI issued warnings in July for families in Colorado and Wyoming but no new news since. You can check out the full story here.

Lending You a Helping RAND

RAND researchers are looking to connect with military spouses and partners who are interested in participating in a study about their partner’s alcohol misuse. The study is confidential and only conducted online and via phone. Selected participants will receive up to $120 over the course of the study. You can watch this video or visit this website for more information.

C Is for College Money (and Commissary Scholarships too)

Keep your eyes peeled for DeCA’s 2016 Scholarships for Military Children program. Applications typically come open in the fall and grant recipients $2,000 a piece. Set your calendar reminders now and keep an eye on for more news.

Train Your Brain (Free Training!)

We posted this on Facebook, courtesy of our friend at AUSA, but here it is in case you missed it. Brain health is the new black and the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas is ready to help you expand your mind!

These free training sessions will help you learn strategies to revive your everyday routine and boost your brain power (read: reduce stress, pay attention, solve problems…basically win at life). Visit Brain Performance Institute’s page on Warrior Training for upcoming dates and events.


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