Episode 51: You Can Say G’Day

This week on the Happy Hour we say g'day to Anna Blanch Rabe. She tells us what it's like being an immigrant milspouse and why she is a passionate advocate.


This week on the Happy Hour we say g’day to Anna Blanch Rabe. She tells us what it’s like being an immigrant military spouse and why she is a passionate advocate for immigration and military spouses. We also talk about upcoming fall TV shows that we’re dying to watch and Amy calls a Navy corpsman a knucklehead.

This week on the Happy Hour we say g'day to Anna Blanch Rabe. She tells us what it's like being an immigrant milspouse and why she is a passionate advocate.

This Week’s Guest: Anna Blanch Rabe, Not a Pedestrian Life

This week’s guest is Anna Blanch Rabean Australian-born writer and advocate. She works as the CEO of Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates LLC, serving law firms, social enterprises, and nonprofit organizations with strategic, digital, and narrative content. She is also married to an Air Force officer. 

She talks to us about her journey around the country this summer asking people, “What does it mean to be American?”

NextGen MilSpouse Articles That Have Us Talking

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Amy Brings the News from Military.com

Pro tip: Snapchatting patients in the hospital is not a good idea. Especially when they are newborns. And you’re their nurse.


It’s a West Side Story showdown between the House and the Senate as they finalize the annual defense spending bill. Expect changes in pay, BAH and a few other things.

Is your teenage the bee’s knees? Nominate them for Military Child of the Year.

Jessica Tells You What You Might’ve Missed on Social Media

Friendship is for more than just selling stuff.

Protect yourself from the Equifax security breach with these 7 steps. And these tips too.

Pickles. Avocado. Fried eggs. These are a few of our favorite cheeseburger toppings.

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