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In Gear Career logoFor career-minded military spouses, the ability to seek, obtain, and sustain professional careers commensurate with their level of education and experience is challenged by the transient nature of military life. The unemployment rate for military spouses is 26 percent—more than three times the unemployment rate of civilian counterparts.

In Gear Career  is a nonprofit organization started by military spouses seeking to create a place where other career-minded spouses can gain information about maintaining a successful career despite the challenges of the military lifestyle. The organization operates on the principle that past and present military spouses will help each other find fulfilling employment, build community, expand professional networks, share advice, and mentor each other throughout their career paths.

 What Does In Gear Career Offer?

In Gear Career provides local and virtual forums for community support, information sharing, and mentoring that address the unique challenges and strengths of the career-minded military spouse. Unlike other resources for military spouses, In Gear Career focuses on enabling long-term professional career progression—not just job placement. And, it’s FREE!

The organization provides three core offerings to help career-minded military spouses take charge of their professional development:

 1.  Online Career Resources:

 In Gear Career’s website offers timely career information and best practices written by military spouses and career experts. This is not standard career advice about how to write a resume, but rather targeted information about how to maintain a career trajectory and successfully navigate the unique challenges that military spouses face.

2.  Local Community Support:

 The lack of a professional network is the most significant barrier to meaningful employment and career progression for career-minded military spouses. Finding like-minded spouses at each duty station can make the adjustment, and the potential for employment, remarkably easier. In Gear Career’s Local Chapters strive to create professional networks for military spouses at every military installation. There are currently 12 active chapters and more are planned in the near future.

 Imagine receiving your orders and being able to reach out to a group of professionals at your next duty station that can provide an employment overview of the area and connect you with industry connections in your career field. In Gear Career’s local chapters have teams of volunteers looking to help you connect. Chapters meet monthly for career development and networking sessions and to build community of supportive, like-minded professionals who understand the challenges of balancing military life and a professional career.

 3.  Occupation-Based Virtual Communities:

 In Gear Career’s virtual Communities of Practice enable military spouses in a wide range of career fields to share advice and knowledge, mentor each other, and learn about new career opportunities. Additionally, these groups are organized by profession to enable spouses to research how they might be able to leverage their variety of experiences in new career fields.

Military spouses have a unique understanding of loyalty, leadership, and service. In Gear Career’s goal is to equip career-minded military spouses with tools and resources to build and sustain successful careers and to create opportunities for meaningful employment with organizations that value these qualities.

Employed military spouses improve the quality of life for our service members, stabilize military families and positively impact satisfaction and retention levels of talented military personnel.

 Get Involved & Learn More About In Gear Career

Realize the benefits of joining In Gear Career: financial independence, decreased stress, resiliency, community, confidence, and stability. Sign up for an account at ingearcareer.org and like us on Facebook!

If you’re interested in starting a Local Chapter, please send an email to info@ingearcareer.org for more information!




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