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The Military Property Project was developed by two Army Spouses, Amy Shick and Lauren Rothlisberger. Between the two of them they have PCSed over 15 times and manage over 10 properties country-wide. This project is their opportunity to compile all the lessons they have learned (sometimes the hard way) into one useful package. They understand the constraints and hurdles military families face when PCSing because they have experienced them first-hand.
See if this story sounds familiar: You own a house at your current duty station and receive PCS orders. You have been dreading this day since you closed on your home. Now you have to figure out what to do next. Do you sell? Do you rent? The panic and anxiety start to creep in.

This story is incredibly common for military families. During the housing boom many families invested their money into purchasing their home. In the downturn they realized they could not turn around and sell the house as they planned. While this decision became frustrating for some, it turned into opportunity for many others.

Once you have a plan in place, owning an investment property can be another way to earn money or at least gain equity. So how do you turn that home into an investment house all on the PCS timeline? That is where the Military Property Project comes in.

The Military Property Project is here to walk you through this stressful process. We cover topics like:

  •  Do you own a good rental?
  • Cost benefit analysis of keeping vs. selling your home.
  • So you decided to rent out your property. What’s next?
  • Should you hire a property manager or manage your own property?
  • Finding an excellent tenant.
  • You found a tenant, now for paperwork!
  • What to do when the house needs repair.
  • How to turn over your property to another tenant.

And so much more!

This project is going to arm you with two simple and straight forward ebooks, “The Accidental Landlord: “When PCS Orders Show Up On Your Doorstep” and a bonus book “Buy & Hold: Using Your BAH to Invest in Property”, a step-by-step packet of worksheets and checklists, plus some useful web videos.

We want to give other military families the opportunity to create additional income by owning investment property. Make your BAH work for you. The retirement situation has never been as uncertain as it is right now. Holding onto a property can, in many cases, provide you with small amounts of cash profit in the short run. In the long run your are building equity in your house. Equity you can then use to buy your final home when it comes time to retire.

Please visit our site, to find out more information.

The Military Property Project will be available late spring. Today we are offering early-bird sign up. With this sign up you will receive a special discount when we launch. Don’t wait the early-bird sign up ends March 30th! Go to to sign up!


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