52 Goals Week 43: Have Sex Every Night for a Week

52 Goals Week 43: Have Sex Every Night for a Week

Have you ever marveled at the characters on television and in film that seem to juggle children, careers and responsibilities while still maintaining a tantalizing and robust sex life? What are the secrets to long-term monogamy and the ability to still have plenty of SEXY sex?

What if the answer to “How can we have more sex?” is simply to have more sex?

At times military life can be all consuming, but that doesn’t take away our very real needs for intimacy, romance and physical contact. Yes, there are FRG meetings, promotion ceremonies, and company coffees….but at the end of the day it’s our partnerships that make everything we do worthwhile.

And sometimes those times need to be penciled in to your schedule.

Week 43 Challenge: Have sex every night for a week

Challenge Details: Talk with your partner about how you are going to have sex every day for a week. With demanding schedules, staff duty assignments and field training exercises scheduling 7 straight days of lovemaking may take some finessing. But take heart (and possibly some lubricant), this can be done!

Looking ahead and discussing any possible concerns or obstacles will make your goal more achievable and desirable.

Your Deadline: October 31

52 Goals Week 43: Have Sex Every Night for a Week

Concerned this challenge may be too….cough cough…hard? Here are 4 tips to push you toward success.

Build anticipation by chatting with each other several times this week about what you are thinking about and anything you’d like to try. Talking like you did during courtship will help to stoke the flames.

Snap a cute selfie and send it to your love. Add a sweet or alluring message to remind them of what’s to come.

Set the mood by curating a playlist to get you where you want to go. President Obama’s Summer Playlist: Nighttime is surprisingly pitch perfect for this challenge.

Relax and enjoy the ride. Remove the pressure and allow yourself to simply enjoy your partner. Whether or not you are able to reach your goal every day, you’ll notice a definite difference in the way you and your partner interact this week. An unintended side affect of anticipating sex is gratuitous kindness and care. WIN!

May ALL the Forces be with you (wink wink)!



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