3 Easy Tips for Containing the Clutter

3 Easy Tips for Containing the ClutterThere’s no better time for change than at the beginning of the year.   New Year’s is when we make our resolutions, maybe it’s a healthy eating plan or we add exercise to our daily routine, so why not organize and de-clutter our homes!    Did you know we actually are less stressed when our homes are free from clutter?

We all have lived in some pretty small homes throughout the years, many with very little storage, resulting in a cluttered, unorganized mess of a home!   Face it, we all love going into those homes that are clutter free, with everything in its place, all neat and tidy.

Ahh it just feels so good!  The more organized our home feels, the better the flow, the less chaotic it feels.

I hate to admit it, but organizing is not my strength.   However, I am ready to take the plunge.  So now that we are setting New Years resolutions, let’s make our home a top priority!

Here are 3 inspirational tips to help you make your home clutter free.

Purge the trash, donate items to your local thrift store, and have a yard sale!

Start with one room or project at a time.   Maybe your closets are the most unorganized and jammed pack with things you never use or even full of things you forgot you had.   This may be the perfect spot to start.

Is your kitchen where you collect all the clutter, maybe your kids and husband are like mine and drop off everything right there on top of the kitchen counter?  If so start sorting through and put it in your  keep, trash or donate pile.

If its not important and not being used, lose it!  So many times we find ourselves holding onto stuff thinking it may be used again in our next home.  And sometimes we were right, but many times we just pack it up to only move it again.

Set up zones or stations and keep things together.

This tip can apply to so many areas of your home such as games, craft supplies, snacks, you name it!   Keeping things together will save you a considerable amount of time when trying to find what you need.

Make sure cleaning and organizing are a family affair.

Teach your children that everything has a home.  Make cleaning up fun!  Make a game out of it, the best organizer wins a prize or the one who complains the least wins.

Now that everything is organized and neatly put away, the real challenge begins!  Maintaining the clutter can be very challenging if we don’t pick up and put things away daily.   Take a few minutes at the end of the day to straighten up, put things where they belong.  Once this becomes routine, we should start feeling much peaceful, less chaotic, and maybe even have that home that everyone loves to come and visit.


  1. Melisa Brinkley

    Great ideas. I definately need to get my clutter organized.

  2. Thanks for this post! It’s great…we’re moving in a couple short weeks and it will really help with the moving, sorting, and set up process of the new house. 🙂

  3. Margaret Swanton

    In my opinion, the hardest thing to do is to make cleaning and de-cluttering a family affair! Even though I tried to teach my little ones “the good cleaning habits” from an early age, as they get older it becomes harder to make them participate in the weekly home cleaning.


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