10 Things That Happen When You Marry a Soldier


Marriage for anybody brings change. It’s a new beginning for you and your spouse and an exciting adventure starts.

For a military couple, a unique adventure begins. One that is thrilling and scary at the same time. Right after saying “I do,” it’s important to take the time to be newlyweds and to get used to military life.

10 Things That Happen When You Marry a Soldier

What also comes with the territory of being a spouse of a soldier or perhaps any other military member, is you become privy to everything a part of their lifestyle. After a short amount of time, you start to realize that there are certain things that happen after you marry someone that wears ACUs (Army Combat Uniform) and the new pattern OCPs (Occupational Camouflage Pattern) are out now too, which brings me to my first point. You…

Start Speaking in Acronyms

10 Things That Happen When You Marry a Soldier

There is a wide world of different abbreviations for EVERYTHING. For example, PCS is Permanent Change of Station (one of the most important ones…), TDY is Temporary Duty, DEERS is Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and you’ll recognize that even the resources for families are spoken in acronyms like ACS (Army Community Service) and MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation).

Actually, you learn a whole new languageIn addition to all endless amount of acronyms, there are also countless phrases or terms that you learn. My spouse would say “roger that” when he is acknowledging what I say and no matter who he’s talking to, he says “latrine” instead of bathroom.

Camo Explodes Inside Your Home

The Army issues a lot of gear, which can take up a lot of space. I particularly notice the amount of gear when my husband has to pack for the field or TDY.

“Hurry Up and Wait” Becomes Your Motto

10 Things That Happen When You Marry a Soldier

The military is notorious for unexpected surprises or sometimes nothing at all. You’re left hanging till hard-copy orders come through or orders could get scraped in the blink of an eye. My soldier had associate’s orders get canceled as he was flying overseas to his assignment. 

When You Marry a Soldier You Become More Flexible

With things changing at a moment’s notice, you understand that it is easier to live at the edge of your seat. For someone like me, it was extremely hard to let go of the things I couldn’t control.

My Smartphone Became My Crutch at Times

When my soldier was overseas, my smartphone was glued to my hip and I was always eager to receive an email or message from him. I appreciate technology so much because I remember how it was for my mom to wait for a call from the USO or snail mail with a Polaroid photo.

Moving Is Inevitable

10 Things That Happen When You Marry a Soldier

You will most likely move in the course of your spouse’s military career, especially if they are just starting out. Before I married my husband, he had 4 different PCS moves (not including a deployment) and I’ve already endured 2 additional moves as a spouse and we’ll eventually move from our location here.

Separation Also Becomes Inevitable

10 Things That Happen When You Marry a Soldier

The not-so-exciting part of military life is the time apart. Although your loved one is away, it’s the perfect time to work on yourself and catch up on me time (aka binge-watching Netflix).

Greater Appreciation of the Men and Women in Uniform

You get a firsthand look at what soldiers have to endure. I have a bigger appreciation to all those that wear the uniform and am so thankful for their sacrifices.

Your Family Size Multiplies and I Don’t Mean Your Biological Family!

I’m talking about all the amazing people you come across on your travels and association. The Army family along with all the other branches have a tight-knit community and I’m so honored to be a part of it!

What one thing happened to you when you married a soldier, sailor, Marine or airman?



  1. i am marrying a army 2nd luiet and he retire this month and he want to marry before he rertire he has been in for 26 years and i love him he is the best man ever.can i get some advice from anyone who has been there and done that.


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